We'd like to thank all of our contributors:
  • Patrick Arminio
  • Marco Acierno
  • Sjoerd Arendsen
  • Samuel Cormier-Iijima
  • A. Coady
  • Elijah Rwothoromo
  • Sanket Dasgupta
  • ignormies
  • Ihar Shynkarou
  • Jan Gosmann
  • Jayden Windle
  • Johnbosco Ohia
  • Adam Johnson
  • Bepitan
  • Bryan Culver
  • David Roeca
  • Erfan Alimohammadi
  • Kyle Jones
  • Mat Munn
  • Mikolaj Figurski
  • Parikshit Hooda
  • Soumyadeep Sinha
  • Tiziano Müller
  • michizhou
  • mtszsobczak

In addition we'd like to thank also the following people:

  • Orlando Festa for the fantastic work on the Strawberry logo.
  • Lotte Bijlsma for the amazing design of this website.


We are using icons from The Noun Project. Here's the list of icons we used on this website:

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