Strawberry GraphQL @ 0.233.0


This release refactors our Federation integration to create types using Strawberry directly, instead of using low level types from GraphQL-core.

The only user facing change is that now the info object passed to the resolve_reference function is the strawberry.Info object instead of the one coming coming from GraphQL-core. This is a breaking change for users that were using the info object directly.

If you need to access the original info object you can do so by accessing the _raw_info attribute.

import strawberry

class Product:
    upc: str

    def resolve_reference(cls, info: strawberry.Info, upc: str) -> "Product":
        # Access the original info object
        original_info = info._raw_info

        return Product(upc=upc)

Releases contributed by @patrick91 via #3525