v0.180.0 introduces a breaking change for the Django Channels HTTP integration

The context object is now a dict . This means that you should access the context value using the ["key"] syntax instead of the .key syntax.

For the HTTP integration, there is also no ws key anymore and request is a custom request object containing the full request instead of a GraphQLHTTPConsumer instance. If you need to access the GraphQLHTTPConsumer instance in a HTTP connection, you can access it via info.context["request"].consumer .

For the WebSockets integration, the context keys did not change, e.g. the values for info.context["ws"] , info.context["request"] and info.context["connection_params"] are the same as before.

If you still want to use the .key syntax, you can override get_context() to return a custom dataclass there. See the Channels integration documentation for an example.

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