In GraphQL you use queries to fetch data from a server. In Strawberry you can define the data your server provides by defining query types.

By default all the fields the API exposes are nested under a root Query type.

This is how you define a root query type in Strawberry:

class Query:
name: str
schema = strawberry.Schema(query=Query)

This creates a schema where the root type Query has one single field called name.

As you notice we don't provide a way to fetch data. In order to do so we need to provide a resolver, a function that knows how to fetch data for a specific field.

For example in this case we could have a function that always returns the same name:

def get_name() -> str:
return "Strawberry"
class Query:
name: str = strawberry.field(resolver=get_name)
schema = strawberry.Schema(query=Query)

So now, when requesting the name field, the get_name function will be called.

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