Lazy Types

Strawberry supports lazy types, which are useful when you have circular dependencies between types.

For example, let's say we have a User type that has a list of Post types, and each Post type has a User field. In this case, we can't define the User type before the Post type, and vice versa.

To solve this, we can use lazy types:

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Annotated
import strawberry
from .users import User
class Post:
title: str
author: Annotated["User", strawberry.lazy(".users")]
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Annotated, List
import strawberry
from .posts import Post
class User:
name: str
posts: List[Annotated["Post", strawberry.lazy(".posts")]]

strawberry.lazy in combination with Annotated allows us to define the path of the module of the type we want to use, this allows us to leverage Python's type hints, while preventing circular imports and preserving type safety by using TYPE_CHECKING to tell type checkers where to look for the type.

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