Visual studio code

Strawberry comes with support for both MyPy and Pylance, Microsoft’s own language server for Python.

This guide will explain how to configure Visual Studio Code and Pylance to work with Strawberry.

Install Pylance

The first thing we need to do is to install Pylance , this is the extension that enables type checking and intellisense for Visual Studio Code.

Once the extension is installed, we need to configure it to enable type checking. To do so we need to change or add the following two settings:

  "python.languageServer": "Pylance",
  "python.analysis.typeCheckingMode": "basic"

The first settings tells the editor to use Pylance as the language server. The second setting tells the editor to enable type checking by using the basic type checking mode. At the moment strict mode is not supported.

Once you have configured the settings, you can restart VS Code and you should be getting type checking errors in vscode.

Pylance showing a type error
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